• The Importance of Anatomy

    And models versus fresh tissue

Anatomical knowledge is a fundamental pre-requisite to safe practice of injecting the face. Because the risk of any long term or irreversible harm to the patient is minimal, many courses have a simplistic approach teaching toxin injections.

Injecting is a 3 dimensional, not a 2 dimensional procedure.

Formalin fixed prosections illustrating facial musculature ( and other relevant anatomy) are being specifically prepared for this course, this will help you to precisely locate facial muscles and understand the importance of location and depth of injections.

We have also invested in Fresh Frozen Tissue. One fresh head per 5 delegates will be available for anatomical study and practice of injection techniques.

Models versus Fresh Tissue

One of the main complaints about a hands on course with a live model is that the delegate is not able to perform enough injections to be confident with start treating patients.

For the hands on element, we decide to use a fresh tissue specimen instead of a live model.

A small number of delegates per head will allow you to inject it until you gain confidence and fine tune your technique. This is undoubtedly more realistic than a silicone head and more repeatable than a live model. The fresh head can then be used for further anatomical study.

The contact with anatomical specimens is the best way of appreciating relevant anatomy.