• Topics Covered

    Botulinum Toxin A-Z Course

Practical Injection Techniques to be covered

  • a. Upper Face: Glabella, Forehead and Peri-orbital (crows feet), Brow Lifting
  • b. Midface: Bunny lines, Nose tip lifting (Depressor Septi) , Gummy Smile Injection (LLSAN)
  • c. Lower Face: Perioral (Depressor Anguli Oris / Orbicularis Oris) Masseter (Bruxism and jaw contouring)
  • d. Neck (Platysmal Bands)
  • e. Primary Hyperhidrosis (Axillary / Palmar / Plantar) – These will be discussed & demonstrated techniques
  • f. Facial Nerve Palsy and Synkinesis (discussion only)

Basic Science of Botulinum Toxin A

  • a. Mechanism of action
  • b. Biochemistry and Pharmacology: onset and duration of action, metabolism, toxicity
  • c. Comparison of Botulinum Toxins A : reconstitution, dilution , dosage and storage
  • d. Contra-indications , potential risks and management of adverse effects

Facial and Neck Anatomy

  • a. In depth understanding of relevant vessels, nerves and muscles
  • b. Knowledge of common treatment areas , danger zones and high risk areas
  • c. Recognition and ability to correct suboptimal outcomes using knowledge of facial muscle interactions

Ageing Process

  • a. Understanding of static and dynamic wrinkling
  • b. Understanding of age-related changes
  • c. Familiarity with the concepts of youth and attractiveness: eyebrow shape, facial contours and symmetry

Cosmetic Toxin Injections

  • a. Accurate and appropriate injection technique and product placement: dose and site
  • b. Knowledge of manufactures guidelines
  • c. Ability to adjust toxin dose and placement for individualised treatment
  • d. Understanding of patient’s occupation and how this may affect management options